student wellbeing

We offer programs & learning experiences specifically designed to enhance student wellbeing.

Student Support

Primary Welfare Officer

We have a Primary Welfare Officer who works with students and parents to provide the best outcomes for all at school.

School Chaplain

We have a School Chaplain who also is part of our Student Welfare Team providing family and individual support.

Buddies Program

Year 5 and 6 students team up to work with Preps all year, mentoring and looking after their ‘buddies’. This promotes responsibility and caring in the older students and gives a sense of belonging to the younger students.




Before school, after school and vacation care is offered on our premises in the kitchen and hall foyer area every day. To book please ring- (03) 9758 6744


Learning experiences

Life Education

The Life Education van provides a learning experience for all students each year focused on their own personal wellbeing.

Respect Values

Student led initiatives focusing on the values of the school help all students identify with the positive school culture.


We are an esmart school that develops a sense of self-regulation in students involving the use of technology.



Circle time

Student centred problem solving and development of social strategies for working together.