transition information

A smooth, happy start to school is important to both you and all of us at Grey Street.



Prep Transition

If you are enrolling a Prep for the following year

We have in place a transition program that takes your child from pre-school to Preps over two months. Transition information and dates are provided upon enrolment.

Dedicated transition coordinator

We have an appointed teacher to coordinate this transition program and that teacher visits all pre-schools and day care centres to talk to the teachers in an effort to better understand your child.

Information day and night

Each year, we run an information session during the day for parents and also a night time session for working parents to enable everyone to meet our teachers working with Prep students and the Principal. These are usually held in May /June.

Pre-school visits

Pre-school visits are organised for term three so that children visit a government primary school and start to familiarise themselves with school.



Four transition sessions in November/December

After your decision to enrol with us, we offer four consecutive Tuesdays in November/December to visit our school between 2.00 and 3.25pm. The children come and participate in a range of activities.

Orientation Day

In December we participate in the state wide orientation day program. This program happens from 9.00 - 11.30am approximately and includes being placed in the classroom and with the teacher (as near as is practicable) that your child will have for the following year.

On Orientation day, parents are invited to visit the library and meet with the Principal to discuss a range of things that you may need to know prior to starting school the following January.


Year Six to Year Seven Transition

Year Six Graduation

Each year we celebrate our year 6 students finishing their primary education with a special dinner for students followed by a presentation for parents to attend. This occurs on the last Monday night of the school year. It is held at the school in the assembly hall.

Transition to Secondary College

Regardless of the Secondary College your child will attend, we work closely with all colleges to make that transition as smooth as possible and to ensure a successful start to the Secondary schooling. This begins for Year six students in third term.