school council & parents

As parents, you play a vital role in the education of your children and we welcome you to become involved in our classrooms and the school.



School Council & Sub-committees

School Council has sub-committees that parents are welcome to belong to, these operate in the areas of fundraising, facilities and policy.

You can nominate to be a member of School Council. School councils comprise parents, the principal, staff and often community members. School Councils have three main functions: to look after policy, set directions for strategic planning and oversee finances. We meet every third Tuesday of the month at 7pm in the staffroom.

School Council sub-committees

You don't have to be a member of School Council to belong to a sub-committees such as Fundraising, Policy & Finance, Facilities or Educational Policy.



Other Ways You Can Help

  • By being a Stephanie Alexander kitchen gardens helper

  • By being part of the Sustainability group

  • By being a Prep PMP helper- Perceptual Motor Program

  • By being a Classroom helper

  • By helping with Fund Raising

  • By helping in the library


For more details on the above roles please click here.

Working with Children’s Check

Please note that parents assisting in schools in any capacity must hold a current Working with Children’s Check (forms are available at our Office at no cost or at any Post Office)