communicating with parents

Good communication with parents is a priority at Grey Street Primary School. To facilitate this we have a range of means for parents to access up to date information such as using the Tiqbiz app, following us on Twitter or checking our Facebook feed.

Get the Tiqbiz App

We are now using an App to better communicate within our community.
The tiqbiz app will help our school keep you fully informed and up to date with newsletters, notices, news and events.
It's easy to use and also has the environmental benefit of helping reduce our paper consumption by printing less.

Tiqbiz is Free!

To get it on on your desktop computer, register and download Tiqbiz to using this link:

To get it on your mobile Apple or Android device, download Tiqbiz from the Apps store using your smart phone, ipad or tablet

Tiqbiz is easy to use!

For instructions on how to download and use the Tiqbiz app on your device, click here.

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School Contact Details

Grey Street Primary School
PO Box 370
30-44 Grey Street
Traralgon Vic 3844

Phone: 03 5174 2055
Fax: 03 5176 1650
ABN 54 220 429 093

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