camps, excursions & sport

These programs offer students the opportunity to experience the outdoors and practise one of our core values, that of "Respect for the Planet".


Camps- Year 3 camp is Rumbug, not Lakewood. Year 5 camp is to Ballarat, not Marysville.


Camps are a fantastic and interesting curriculum area. The Camping program at Grey St begins with Year two students having a sleepover at school get used to idea of being together and away from home. In subsequent years the following camps are run:

  • In year 3, the students attend Rumbug Park Camp at Paynesville.

  • In year 4 they attend Waratah Bay camp at Wilson’s Prom.

  • In year 5 they attend Camp Ballarat at Ballarat.

  • In year 6 they attend Canberra camp.

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Excursions are an important way of linking learning to real life experiences. At Grey Street:

  • Excursions are held at the end of the year for students in Prep to year 6 to celebrate a year of learning.

  • Excursions appropriate to learning that is taking place during the school year may occur during the year.

  • Small local excursions within walking distance from school may be held during the year also



Our school has a modern, spacious, well-resourced stadium in which to conduct a physical education program.

All students participate in a structured Physical Education program throughout the school week. Students in year 5 and 6 also focus on a Bluearth program that highlights personal goal setting and development.



Extra curricular Sport

Extra-curricular sports opportunities are available and many of our sports teams make it to regional and state finals.

We pride ourselves on our ability to offer lots of opportunities in this arena to our students. These are in the areas of football, cricket, netball, basketball, T-ball, swimming, hockey, table tennis, tennis and badminton.

Swimming Programs

Swimming programs occur for all students in Prep to year 6.

The Prep to year 4 students participate in an intensive two week indoor swimming program designed and in line with state wide programs.



Year 5 and 6 students participate in an outdoor program in February each year designed to focus both on swimming and water safety.